july 17
day 69
26 miles
total 1,807

i really thought it would happen this time.
when i hit 1800 miles everything would be different.
i would be bigger.
i would be stronger.
i would move forward without the fatigue or discomfort.
people would be impressed.
my transcon attempt would have credibility….

but as i stepped past the magic mark
nothing happened.
my feet still hurt.
the sun was still beating down on me.
and my clothes still hung on me like i had got them out of my daddy’s closet.

and right then i realized that i had miscalculated.
it was 1900 miles that would transform me.
i guess everyone knows that.
if you ain’t done 1900
you ain’t done anything.

so i guess i will continue.
no point getting this close and then giving up.

i started the day with high hopes.
foot prep ran over a little,
but keeping the feet together seems to get more and more complicated.
nonetheless i started out in good spirits.
even the lightning that was flashing out ahead of us and to the south was not an issue.
radar showed it moving away to the south.

when things started lighting up immediately to the north
that was a different story.
we speculated about calling the crew vehicle back…
just before it came a downpour.

then it didn’t matter.
my feet were wet.
my 20th day of rain was under way.

but dam if it wasn’t impressive to see the prairie light show .
no fireworks display could compare.
we lost some time ducking out of the worst of the rain.
and still got caught out a time or two.

daylight brought even more majestic views of the prairie.
and i had a biologist along to tell me about the different plants and wildflowers, the tallgrass prairie i had been in yesterday
the shortgrass prairie yet to come
and the sand hills that i am in
( lots of sand, not so many hills so far)
the journey is one of endless discovery.

if that wasn’t enough for one day ,
we ended a mile past the cast iron bar and grill in stuart nebraska…
and the owner ran out to offer us lunch as we passed….

my first meal in a restaurant since i started.
i used the time to make this post.
i only wish there was enough time to tell more.

once again difficult conditions truncated my result for the day.
but the richness of the experience
the people
the places
filled my heart to bursting.

now i need to get to bed as soon as possible.
tomorrow will bring its fresh surprises .



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