june 17
day 39
31 miles
total 1,023

how could a day that started so well
turn so grim?
another afternoon of high 90’s temperatures and a blazing sun.
that’s how.

notching a 1,000 miler was a thrill.
strolling thru beautiful elkhart completed a perfect morning.

then we hit the highway to hell.
no shade
intermittent sidewalks
crushing heat…

and the sun
that merciless sun.

it was not pretty and
i don’t know exactly how i did it.
but i made it thru the entire day
and finished at the planned stop.

today’s crews were stuck
with a weak and whiny laz.
luckily for me
they did not leave me holed up in a convenience store with a blue slushy.

thank you daniel, john, shane, and ryan and emily
(you should have left me in that store…. it was air conditioned)


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