july 24
day 76
24 miles
total 1,982

typical nebraska.
we left the room under clear skies.
an hour later we hit the road with thunderstorms raging all around.

miraculously i got one raindrop all night
but it wasn’t for lack of visible plumes of rain keeping us on our toes.

we got no rain
but starting in the notorious nebraska sand marshes we encountered clouds of mosquitoes like i have never seen.
the whine of a million little wings was so loud we thought we were hearing voices.

it seemed like we were going fast
but the mile markers told a different story when the sun came up.
still, a similar start yielded 27 miles yesterday.
today instead of a strong finish
i looked to be done in at 20.

jessica located a milk shake
in the middle of nowhere
at breakfast time.
and it gave me the strength to extrude 4 more painful miles.

at least we have finally crept within a short drive of lodging.
so i need to get myself fed, clean, and in bed so tomorrow can be a better day.
a day to move on towards mythical wyoming.

i pray it really exists and i will not play hopscotch with the endless nebraska thunderstorms forever!



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