june 2
day 24
27 miles
total 621

at least i have 1000 of something!

i spent my day almost pleasantly
(ok, mostly pleasantly)
walking thru the most amazing vineyards i have ever seen.
mile after mile of grapevines
stretching from erie
(of which i finally got a glimpse)
to a low ridge line to the south.

it seems that the heat collected by the lake during the summer prevents frost from arriving until october
creating a perfect climate for grapes.

dotting the road
picturesque small towns gave the day variety and structure.

unfortunately i had poor production during the morning.
and even a solid afternoon left me a couple of miles short.

i think my problem was just not quite getting enough sleep the last few days
so i retired an hour earlier today.
i am looking for an early start tomorrow
and hopefully a strong day to get me closer to on track.
i would not have even been close today
if not for the assistance of joe chriest, laura makey, and the english professor whose name escapes my fatigued brain right now.

time for a quick shower
and hit the sack!


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