july 8
day 60
25 miles
total 1,567

another day of working too hard
for too little result.
even tho a lot of the problems are all the time eating delays off course that just seem to materialize every day.
i am not disappointed in my effort.
but these old legs just don’t have much left in them.
funny (or maybe not) that i feel like mentally i am better prepared to handle this than i ever was.
but physically i am really too old.
not maybe in years
but in miles.

if the wonderful people helping me do not run out of patience
i believe i can make it.

and that is the thing.
so many people that i cannot name them all
many of them total strangers
have given their time and heart
to help a foolish old man chase a dream
i feel i owe it to them to walk into the pacific.

out here on the plains
sightlines are a whole different animal.
i got a rude awakening a couple of days ago.
it was hot
but we were closing in on the end of the day.
scott said;
“do you want me to go a mile
or do you want to try to make duncomb on this stretch?”
“isn’t that grain elevator right there duncomb?”
“well surely we can get that far!”

it took two hours.

everything is much further away than it appears!
on the bright side
the crew vehicle is rarely out of sight.
on the other hand
it will take forever to reach it.


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