september 9
day 123
26 miles 
total 3,209

remaining 96
3×26 + 1×18

another big climb to start the day.
but it was the steep 13 mile downhill that followed,
and the absence of shoulder that made progress so slow today.

not a lot of fun picking thru traffic on a winding up and down road with little or no shoulder.
but i have to admit that people were mostly considerate today,
which made the situation a lot more tolerable.

with the beating i took on the big early downhill, it took everything i had to hold serve today.
i could have gotten another mile 
but the daylight is rapidly diminishing.
this far north sunrise and sunset times move much more rapidly than at home. these roads are not safe for foot traffic in the dark.

there have been a number of people out to visit on the road now that i am nearing civilization.
jeff, south dakota william, ryan, and derrick all shared some slow miles with a rapidly deteriorating old man these last few days.
between them and the stunning mountain scenery the time has passed pleasantly.
it was almost enough to make me forget the state of my poor feet and legs.

just as a side note; i have seen 3 ferrari’s and 2 rolls royce since bend.

tomorrow should bring me close enough to actual cities that the daily long trips to and from lodging will stop being such a factor.
if i can hold on long enough to reach corvallis….


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