it is that time of the year again,

when the tiresome discussion over what constitutes running “screwed” in the vol state begins.


of course, 

there are no divisions kept in the results

and even tho there seems to be a predictable call for us to parse rules

(so that loopholes can be searched for)

i will hold that the rules should be very simple:


running screwed is running as if you had just been set out on the side of the road

and you have to make your way using only what you can carry, find, or have organically donated to you by road angels.

it really isn’t complicated.

or at least it wasnt before the cell phone gave you the ability to simply call and have anything you want delivered.


thank god it is up to the runners to decide what constitutes screwed.


the HOTS puts a different slant on it,

since the whole idea is to not be crewed.

you dont know the course in advance,

so all that self-crewing is out….


the people whose first act when the map is released

is to send it to confederates

who can mail them supplies,

scout the course ahead of them

and guide them step by step thru the race.

that is just sad.


the ones who have someone drive overnight to accompany them;

slinking around in the background

parking on the other side of parking lots

and generally acting like everyone cant see them.

that is pathetic.


i am still not going to sit there and try to enforce rules.

missing out on the fun of doing it yourself is punishment enough.

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