july 20
day 72
26 miles
total 1,883

with the long commute i had an hour less than yesterday.
but i only got one mile less.
so it felt like a success.
at least an improvement.

i know the night was amazing.
i never saw so many meteor trails.
they came from every direction.
big ones
smaller ones
some dazzling bright
one that appeared to be sizzling
and one that left a smoke trail.
the show lasted until it was fully light.

maybe i would’ve done better if i weren’t craning my neck so much,
but i had to match ariella’s count!

if she hadn’t seen the smoke trail
looking after the meteor had flared
i would have thought it was imaginary.

after daylight we found that remote nebraska had arrived.
we walked hours without seeing a house.
just sand hills and cattle…

and maybe a badger hole.
ariella would not go in to check
and me and vincente are too big
so now we will never know for sure.

ended only 3 miles from valentine
and word is it gets really remote after valentine.

that ought to be something!


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