july 15
day 67
26 miles
total 1,754

at the end of every day i am stupid.
that needs to be made clear.
and today’s total is not 28, or 29, or even 30
only because of that stupidity.
time was lost in chunks because i:
spilled a bottle of mouthwash into my gear;
failed to grasp where the finish was
(even after being told 10 times)…

i guess the stomach issues were not my fault, but the unnecessary pit stop was.

when i was on the road things went great.
i love nebraska more with every step.
the night sky keeps getting better.
constellations, planets, shooting stars (even one that tumbled all the way down)
in the daylight the countryside is inspiring. the great plains cannot truly be appreciated without taking time to drink in the majesty.
great shoulders
waving friendly people
(who ask 20 times a day if you need help)
after while you hardly notice the speed(smiley face) of passing traffic.)
there is even a total stranger washing my clothes right now.

all across america people are good.
and right here in the middle of the country are some of the best.

i have to add a special thanks to chad will kaci mcgill (or miguel) and george for making this a great day.
it isn’t always just about the miles.


chomping at the bit to reach the sand hills tomorrow

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