vole stare toad race
9 day update
this is a different race today.
over the days we have morphed from the competitive runners trying to win
until we have today the last 14 runners
just trying to reach the rock before the clock runs out.
strategy is no less important.
if the resources are less,
the importance of maximizing them is at least equal.
and managing your body over an event lasting 10 days
is a whole lot harder than managing it for three.
we have a more entertaining task than the rest of the race,
getting to evaluate people’s strategies for reaching the rock.
the top 4 have things pretty well in hand.
they are either already in the no hope-sand mountain section
and have a whole day to overcome any errors they might make;
or they are in kimball, and can pick their time to take on the last 14 miles….
just a hint,
if someone chooses to leave at 1030
and finish their race in the midday heat,
we will call them an idiot.
there is ample time to finish in the cooler dark hours.
this leaves 10 runners dancing with oprah.
they dont have many choices.
they have to get in before 0730 tomorrow.
and the required time on the road is very close to the amount of time there is remaining.
the further away they are,
the closer the margin in between.
and the less play they have for using strategy.
to varying degrees there is the ability to increase the pace with well placed rest
to an immutable degree there is the potential to crater the pace with inadequate rest.
beating oprah to the line is no less complex than beating any other competitor.
except you know that oprah will never falter.
you cannot beat her mentally.
oprah is rock solid.
for those at the very back this has become a very simple event.
they have no room to do anything except try to make miles.
and it was 100 degrees on the course by 1100.
it could easily top 110 before the day is done.
there is a lot of drama to play out over these last 24 hours.
hopes will be realized
dreams will be crushed.
and me and carl have front row seats.

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