may 26
day 17
27 miles
total 427

after the beating i took in the mountains the last week or so,
this was the first morning i was not enthusiastic about getting back on the road.
a late start compounded the issue.
i just don’t have the ability to move faster and make up miles.
the only tool i have left is time on the road.
after the last few smaller mountains
i finally topped a hill……

and the next climb was not in front of me!

after that it seemed like everything was a positive.
i came into skinny atlas.
not only was it beautiful,
with friendly people out enjoying a sunny saturday,
skinny atlas was one of those places i remember looking at when i was planning this impossible journey,
and wondering if i could really get there.
what an emotional boost
to be walking these streets
that i was not sure i would ever see!

after that i felt stronger and stronger as the afternoon went on.
i didn’t think twice about adding distance in auburn to see the old downtown.
the additional distance to tour the low rent district is simply my m.o.

the day ended strong,
and with durb crewing we made some adjustments to tonight and tomorrow’s plans.
with a little luck
and another strong day
i might be on schedule this time tomorrow.

i found my happy place this morning.
and i hope to ride it a long way.
many thanks to today’s tour guides
tim hardy and chris hobart….

even if tim did let me wander into the wrong end of town.
i am not sure anyone can stop me.


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