july 21
day 73
28 miles
total 1,911 miles

i had a sneaking suspicion that 1900 wasn’t the magic number.
2000 is too obvious.
if i can reach 2000
this will be a legitimate attempt.
1900 is nice.
but, if you have not done 2000
you have not done anything.

i came out pretty well pleased with my day.
at daybreak it looked like i was locked in on 27.
after the last few disappointing days i really wanted something to feel positive about
so i decided i could squeeze out one more mile and get 28.
i picked up a minuet or two a mile for several hours and skipped my breakfast break.
i made good time on a 2 mile uphill
but then lost it all on the down.
and got my back all riled up.

i took a calculated risk and blew 5 more minuets applying my back paste.
it was a good move
as i finished the last 4 hours strong enough to get my 28.
it was a small victory.
but i needed a win of any kind!

i also had the thrill of reaching the mountain time zone.
with the additional landmarks of 2000 miles, and wyoming (175 miles away) coming up this week
staying motivated should be easy.

physically things look good on the whole.
the little toes are happy as long as they do not have to be in the shoes with other toes.
the right foot pain has improved by switching sides of the road (easy to do in this light traffic)
stretching is still working on the left heel pain.
only the stomach issues remain problematic. unfortunately it is one of those pre-existing medical problems that makes this attempt foolish.
as yet it is not a game changer. it just makes the miles harder to get. i will just have to deal with it the best i can.

i will be retiring the third pair of ghosts tomorrow. they have served me well for 900 miles, but the soles have worn thin. and the insides are starting to go…

i hope the new ghosts can live up to that standard.

lastly a few words about the sand hills:
sahara with grass

20,000 square miles of sand dunes
up to 20 miles long
and as high as 400 feet
nebraska’s sand hills are only 8,000 – 15,000 years old
formed out of quartz sand from (where else) the good old glaciers
and held in place by grass.

they are well worth seeing
and a memorable setting for an overnight run.


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