august 4
day 87
27 miles 
total 2,265

we were talking about lions in africa yesterday.
talk tends to cover a variety of topics out on the road.
i had read an article about hunting being restricted to the old lions,
past their prime.
that doesn’t effect the breeding population…

it seems appropriate 
me and jeff out here in the remote spaces of wyoming.
a couple of old lions sharing one last great journey across a landscape where gas stations are 100 miles apart…

i am keeping a wary eye out for hunters.

the smoke continues to be an issue.
nothing for it but to trudge on.
but i hate that it has obscured what are supposed to be spectacular long distance views of the mountains.
the best i have gotten are periodic glimpses of the shadowy shapes of the bighorns to the north and the wind river range to the west.

the double highlights of the day;
hell’s half acre
(look it up, my magic phone pictures cannot do justice to it with the smoke and light)
and immediately before that the first vertical rock layers since upstate new york!
there are many miles of high plains yet to cover before i enter the actual mountains.
but i have seen geology effected by the great collisions and tectonics of the pacific coast.

it feels like i am getting somewhere…

of course i need to reach 2,300 miles before i can expect to be taken seriously.
because everyone knows;
if you ain’t done 2300
you ain’t done nothing.


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