june 5
day 27
26 miles 
total 698

crossing the ohio border this morning was a huge landmark.
i am no longer in a place with a direct connection to the atlantic.
unfortunately, the ohio line also marks the end of the concept of road shoulders.
in town i had to pick my way down sidewalks that were often little better than rocky trails.
but, without sidewalks was worse.
i had to walk in the outside of the lane with endless traffic roaring past.
i got more yells and honks than in the previous 26 days combined.
and one police stop to tell me to get off the road.
fortunately he seemed genuinely impressed with the project 
and how far i had already come 
(even though if you haven’t done 700, you haven’t done anything)
so he allowed me to continue.
add in carrying the pack. all day and it was hard to cover much ground.

still, i cut my deficit by 1.5 miles 
and have found an alternate route for much of tomorrow.
it can’t be worse than 20.



i would be remiss not to thank alyse for the fantastic stromboli i had for supper!

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