there’s the fear of gang activity in this neighborhood

may 10
day 1

the bar has been set high.
it will be hard for any day to top my trip thru newport.

i had company for the first and last few miles.
newport, indeed all of road island so far, is spectacular;
unique old homes,
and fabulous mansions abound.
here and there i was able to look down on naragansett bay,

the highlight of the day was crossing the mt hope bridge.

the bridge was a hope bridge, alright,
it was my only hope of getting off aquidneck island on foot.

now, i knew i was not supposed to walk over the bridge.
but, it did have an “emergency” walkway….

and, how fast could anyone get there to stop me?

it was only about a mile across,

and i figured if i could get halfway,
even if i got stopped,
they would let me continue.

everything was cool when i first started up.
the walkway was sort of narrow (about 12 inches).
traffic streamed by about a foot away on my right
and the bridge railing was only about a foot wide on my left.

the further i went, the less ok it got.
mt hope bridge is high.
and as i got higher and higher
the wind blew harder and harder.
it felt like it might blow me right into the traffic.
except i was holding on to the rail with one hand,
and using my walking stick to brace me with the other.
by the time i was over the water i was not looking over the side any more.
i was watching me feet ,
and daring a quick glance up periodically
to see the crest was approaching painfully slow.

about the time i thought i would be over the top soon,
i looked up to see an official looking man walking down towards me.
something in his steadfast demeanor said;
“i am coming to throw you off the bridge”

so i put my head down and walked faster.
if i could get close to halfway,
surely he would let me walk on across.
it would be just as close as going back.
as he got close,
i saw that he was one big guy.
and his expression said that he was not the least amused
by my attempt to bandit his bridge.

to be fair,
he softened when i told him my project.
but i was not crossing his bridge…

“when they see on the cameras that i let you go across,
i would be in trouble.”

i never had a chance.

i did get across the bridge.
and off aquidneck island.
altho i am not at liberty to say how.

and the day turned out to be pretty successful.
i only aimed to do about 20 on the first day.
i think i ended up with closer to 24.
and i feel fairly good.
not exhausted.
not hurting anywhere in particular.

For now i need to hit the sack.
an early start is due for tomorrow.


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