july 5
day 57
24 miles
total 1,487

almost to 1500.
that will be a big milestone,
as i think 1500 will give me some credibility that 1400 just doesn’t have.

miles were hard to come by today.
starting with pouring rain
and lightning storms on all sides.

at least it eliminated any concerns about running all night on the 4th.
no one was going to be out shooting fireworks in this.

the rain tapered off at sunrise
leaving me with soggy shoes and socks
as well as wrinkled wet feet and foot care issues.
about an hour was lost doing roadside repairs that i hoped would hold up.
there was no hesitation about taking the time.
if sleep is the number one priority,
foot care is a close second.
if i got a blister in less than 1500 miles,
i would be a laughingstock.

everything worked out,
and i survived some late stomach issues
(not run related)
to end up with an acceptable days work…

i just have one question
after my 18th day of running in the rain.
is every transcon like this?
rain a third of the time?
i don’t remember that from the transcon reports i have read.

my biggest mistake in this endeavor
was not driving the course first.
i really wanted to,
but time simply did not allow it.

and i am glad it turned out that way.
because if i had driven it first
i would never have gone this way.

and then i would have missed out on all this.
all the people
all the sights
all the excitement of daily
(or even several times a day)
route changes.

even the fun of wandering around lost in the worst part of a strange city
or somewhere among 100,000 acres of corn.

i could not ask for a better adventure.
(except maybe less rain)


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