august 7
day 90
25 miles 
total 2,344

sort of a late start this morning.
spent a lot of time sorting thru the accumulated stuff that was accompanying me down the road.
that was overdue…

and it greatly reduced the amount of stuff ty and joe had to load on my new crew vehicle. i was glad to get it done, as they came to rescue me from being stranded in riverton.

the day started and ended with swarms of mosquitoes. there is so much blood on my legs from killing the little bastards that i look like i was in a bike wreck…

sort of makes me miss the desert.

on the bright side this was the best smoke day in a week. and i finally got to see the mountains are all around me.
what is the saying?
ignorance is bliss?

oh man.
i am going to have to climb those suckers very soon!

oh well.
i have been waiting a long time for this.
i can’t wait to take that last look back from victor idaho,
hold my stick up in victory,
then turn my back and walk on…

either that or my dreams die on the way to the high mountain passes 
and i slink home in disgrace.


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