july 12
day 64
25 miles
total 1,680

it boggles the mind to think that all these big hills are just made of windblown silt!
i have been running up and down the loess hills for 3 days!
except for a few hours crossing the missouri river basin.

it is the glaciers again.
after the ice dam broke on the giant glacial lake
it left an enormous amount of silt
which dried and blew down across what is now western iowa, northwest missouri, and eastern nebraska.

eventually grass anchored the surface, and the unique qualities of loess soil shaped the landscape.

the geology along us 20 is a never ending marvel.

eastern nebraska is a continuation of the beautiful scenery of iowa, except for more areas of grassland and wildflowers.

with an actual shoulder on the road i can move without competing with cars for space.
this results in a lot more waves and honks
and so far zero iowa salutes.

and also helps me stay alive
since the minimum speed (in a construction zone) is about 70.

it takes some getting used to
being passed by cars and trucks doing 80 or 90.
but i might as well adjust,
as i am in the west now
and it is not going to change.

taking my break at the big red motel.
nebraska fans only.
after some fond recollections of wilkinson devaney switzer and osborne….
and me admitting johnny rodgers deserved that big punt return
an exception was made.


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