july 30
day 82
26 miles
total 2,135

the morning started great
walking from my room instead of driving
clear skies instead of rain…

it took about a mile to top 5,260 feet elevation.
and most of the day would be spent higher than that.

i said wyoming had its hands full topping nebraska,
and wyoming is stepping up to the challenge.

we saw a fox and a golden eagle and countless pronghorns.
spectacular views abounded.
at the top of the longest climb i got my first look at REAL mountains.
man is there tough stuff coming.
i would have gotten my 27 except for the most enthusiastic cop stop yet, that ended up in a video

between lusk and douglass (60 miles away) are the towns of manville (pop 95) where we ate lunch,
keeline (pop 0) lost springs (pop 4) where we finished the day, and shawnee (pop 0)….

we had to scout the route for tomorrow, as 20 will shortly join the interstate requiring a detour over
“back roads”
wow! tomorrow is going to be an adventure. traveling dirt roads over open range.
we saw more wildlife than you cam imagine just driving it.

i only wish there was more time to tell about the day.
thanks to rob, melissa, and my buddy will.
and especially harold
who somehow found a milkshake in a ghost town.

good night


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