july 11
day 63
31 miles (in honor of the vol staters)
total 1,655

respect the hills of west iowa.
having moved past glacier-dozed central iowa
i found some sweet hills in the west
finishing with the windblown loess hills.
loess is a fine silty soil and very rich.
where it blew in from no one seems to know.
so why not blame canada?
after all it is their granite stones i saw cluttering up fields and standing next to driveways across a third of the country.
they carelessly let arctic winds slip loose and half freeze us every winter.
so it doesn’t seem much of a stretch to assume they are responsible for all those hills i just did.

today went a lot like yesterday.
4 more miles of private lane
before about 4 miles of ducking trucks.

then we turned onto a paved backroad that took us all the way to sioux city.
to my surprise after the hard effort yesterday
good roads translated into another solid day.
many thanks are due to david green and jason ?? who helped me put together a solid route
and not get lost in sioux city.

i am going to miss iowa.
there were many good times and adventures along the way….

and the iowa salute!

time to go to sleep
so i can do it all again in a few hours.


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