After being with Laz the past 4 days, I can’t think of a lot to add that hasn’t already been covered by Tim Hardy, Ron Smith, and others. Those instructions are great. A few small things I could mention-
– Although there are some staples that he needs and work for him tried and true (Dr. Pepper, water, Gator Aid, the afternoon milkshakes and evening chocolate milk), he likes variety and some new things occasionally too. He doesn’t want people to think he only likes certain flavors and only buy those things because it gets boring.
– He currently (I say this because maybe this preference will change after too many of these) really likes a drink called Bai in a variety of flavors. We had used the last of his stash by last night.
– The afternoon milkshakes/evening chocolate milk are more than just cold and tasty, he needs to replenish calcium in the afternoon (and can’t have calcium in the morning). He prefers local handmade milkshakes over Dairy Queen/Baskin Robbins type milkshakes.
– He is an expert on himself and what works for him! People want to help in lots of ways with lots of suggestions, and when he’s problem solving a crisis (missing stick or whatever), he welcomes suggestions, but other than that he doesn’t seem to need a lot of advice. 🙂
– Hand wipes for wiping capsaicin off his hands after applying it to his back. (Although he’ll tell you it’s not too bad and kinda fun to get in in his eyes sometimes. I’m not buying that!)
– He’s incredibly courteous and wants to ensure his crew are safe and have their needs met as well. Just ensure him you are also taking care of yourself while taking care of him and this is what you came here to do.

I’m happy to answer any questions based on my experience, but his needs and preferences are bound to change as this journey progresses.

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