september 2
day 116
28 miles 
total 3,047

eastern oregon is kicking my butt.
of all the great empty spaces i was passing thru on this journey 
i knew eastern oregon was the emptiest.

beautiful and empty.
when you have time to look, the variety of rock sculptures in the desert are endless.
but the hills of oregon are among the cruelest i have faced.
there was an 8 mile monster leaving the great big basin after lunch that almost broke me.
and the sun is relentless.
the sky is just a big blue bowl overhead with never the slightest hint of a cloud….
still, i will take that over rain every day!

even with the end drawing ever closer, nothing feels certain.
282 miles to go 
(that is really far)
10 days of 26 miles 
and only 22 on the 11th,
but i already wonder what keeps my legs going.
it is unbelievable just how much punishment the human body can takes and continue to function.
but there has to be a limit!

tomorrow morning will be another adventure.
get up, get dressed, fix my feet….

and see if i can find 26 more miles in these old legs.
the journey is a step by step challenge to stay focused 
and will the legs to keep moving.

maybe if i can hold on to reach bend 
maybe then i will have a chance.


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