september 11
day 125
27 miles 
total 3,263

remaining 43
1×26 + 1×17

today started out great.
three easy miles into the center of lebanon 
then i turned west for the final time.

the day was cool and breezy 
the shoulder was wide.
i must be getting excited 
corvallis was only 21 miles in
and we all know,
if i could reach corvallis 
i have a chance.
i know i was excited 
because i was going so fast.

i was looking at the start 
and harboring secret fantasies of a 30 mile day…..

but this is the lazcon;
where “something” happens every day.
today was no different.

the sky filled with dark clouds 
and the rain began to pour down.
not a light rain 
like i got through 5 hours of yesterday.
a pouring rain.

i got on my rain jacket in plenty of time.
but the shoulder provided no protection from the spray of heavy fast traffic,
and the blasting walls of water off countless trucks.
my trusty ghosts performed up to their usual standards…
the insides coming apart.

before long the guts were spilling out thru the holes in the sides and i was reduced to a painful hobble 
as the deteriorating shoes tortured my poor feet.
all i could do was limp along at a snails pace until the rain finally stopped and the traffic had sprayed most of the water off of the road.

knowing west oregon’s reputation 
i had saved my worn out shoes for just this possibility.
i switched out to a dry pair 
with intact guts, if little sole,
and soon had my painful feet moving at a semi normal slow speed.

i didn’t get the day i was hoping for,
but the finish is still in sight….

i think i am going to make it!



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