august 23
day 106
27 miles 
total 2,798

tomorrow i will reach 2800 miles.
then i will have really done something 
and maybe people will consider this a serious attempt.

today saw a relief from the traffic of 20 as we took a “shortcut “ on back roads,
following the goodale cutoff of the oregon trail.

now, idaho has been spectacular so far.
i hope i told you about the big hole mountains, fields of wheat, potatoes, and hay that is baled in huge square bales to be shipped to japan.
today it was ranches (and open range)
the ubiquitous canals carried water everywhere (idaho is a state laced with canals)
we walked thru lonely dirt roads, winding ever higher into the volcanic hills.
i never dreamed idaho had so much lava and so much scenery.
it was a marvelous day, with abundant wildlife. sandhill cranes, sage grouse, all manner of hawks, antelope, deer, and cuddly looking mormon crickets. we walked thru herds of curious cows and past a pasture with more than 30 bulls… 
with 50 cows for every bull, that ranch had a lot of cattle.
(as for being a bull, i reckon it is good work if you can get it)

at the end of the shortcut we walked thru the castle rock area.
in a state replete with fabulous rock formations, this stretch of road was still breathtaking.

the old legs took a beating today.
some of the hills left me rubber legged.
and there are a lot bigger hills coming tomorrow.
but also a lot more volcanic rock magic.
am i the only person who did not realize idaho is incredible?


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