i cant believe we got to sleep last night.

0430 to 0730

what a blessing to get a normal night sleep at the normal time!!!


it was raining when i got up,

but there is a bright sunny sky as the first runners are just now hitting the blue bridge.

those are on the home stretch,

so it wont matter.

but, for the most of them this sunny sky could be a portent of trouble.

the rain may have trashed a lot of feet,

but it is kind up next to what the july sun is capable of doing to them in tennessee.


two more dropped during the night.

both had gone over 200 miles.

what, i wonder, is the story of their demise?


having gone so far,

with the time limit not a threat.

was it just the thought of having over a hundred miles still remaining?

that thought can weigh heavy

when you already have over 200 miles on your legs.


i was happy to see terrie still holding her head above water.

for her, and the others living life on the edge

today is just another day of listening to the maddening click click click of oprah’s high heels.

they live a moment of weakness away from the end.


another old friend, shenoa creer is in deep trouble.

everything looked good until yesterday.

only 4 miles went in the bank yesterday

and now she is 5 miles behind oprah.


i dont want to think it,

but it is just there and cannot be denied.

i think shenoa is doomed.

i can only wonder what is the story.

maybe she just needed a day to recover

and will come roaring back.


probably not.

but i can hope until i see her name come off the board.


this is a hard game.

we laugh about the terrible price it extracts from those who want to play.

but at the heart of things

this is a very hard game.

not everyone will succeed.


 but the footwarriors of the vol state would not want it any other way.

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