july 27
day 79
27 miles
total 2,058

it is nebraska.
so it was raining when i got up.
but it stopped by the time i was ready!
things started out well for me.
but poor harold was stuck driving a short distance behind me until daylight.
i had smiled and nodded when locals advised me to be wary of mt lions running at night.
after law enforcement told me i shouldn’t walk alone without a firearm it seemed less amusing…

so i turned into a baby
and harold had to babysit.

when the sun did come up
i was treated to the sight of rain clouds everywhere….
i counted 4 major rain plumes
along with numerous lesser ones.
but i was lucky enough to skip around most of the heavy rain,
and walk through the light stuff.
however, i took refuge in the truck during one heavy rain, costing me a couple of miles.

and i lost another mile to picture taking.
i know i need to stick to business
but northwestern nebraska is in the badlands
and the scenery is simply spectacular.
add to that yet another classic small nebraska town(chandler) with a fascinating history,
and it was impossible not to lose some time.

for the last 402 miles,
nebraska has amazed me
with one hidden jewel after another.
it has to be the most underrated state in the union.

that said, i only have 28 miles of nebraska remaining
and i would sure like to get them done tomorrow.
who knows what adventures are waiting in wyoming.
unfortunately tomorrow starts with a 3 mile climb.
the mountains i saw yesterday were not days away in wyoming after all.
i got there today,
finishing my day with the first 2 miles of a 5 mile climb.
suddenly i am less enthusiastic about finally reaching mountains.

and of course tomorrow’s forecast is for severe thunderstorms.
this is, after all, the lazcon…

coming to fill the reservoirs all the way across america.
time to get ready for bed
so i can continue my quest tomorrow.


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