may 27
day 18
31 miles
total 458

only got lost once today.
and only for a mile

people walking with me are so much help.
today it was laura duncan and nick vermillion.
and of course durb, who i lose after tomorrow.

fantastic fun day
with the great marshes, an antique auto show and more finger lakes.
closing in on the magical landmarks of buffalo, about 3 days off
and 500 miles
i hope day after tomorrow.

a journey is a lot about management.
managing a schedule, fatigue, injury, and most of all time.
the days are too short!

sleep is the number one priority,
and after that time on the road.

that leaves about 2 hours a day for everything else.
but my speed is improving.
if i can keep that trend going
maybe i will have a chance to relax soon.


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