june 18
day 40
21 miles
total 1,044

i called it early today.
39 days of pushing around the clock was enough
and it was time to take a breath.

a second straight day of people telling me;
“ the heat index is over 100!”
made the decision even easier.

i was in sort of a grey area.
easily reducing my schedule deficit to less than a day.
but no chance of making up the whole thing.

and the traffic is back.
chicago is still two days away
but already the traffic has become a force to be reckoned with.

other odd observations:
i have reached the central time zone!
and run so far to the west
that the sunrise is noticeably different
just from the distance covered.

as always
so many people to thank
that i will never remember them all.
but a special place for john wallace 3.

this time i knew enough to ask the questions i should have asked before i started.
deep inside i know there is so much more to come.
but no one can tell me what is out there.
i have to find it for myself.

this thing is hard.
in many ways harder than i imagined.
but the hunger to go on is undiminished
it feels like great discoveries are waiting beyond the cities…

out in the vastness of the plains.
and something inside is compelling me to seek them out.


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