august 29
day 112
28 miles 
total 2,959

i could kick myself for the late start today.
despite a second day of relentless heat, i moved well.
and finished strong.
i could have made a run at 30.
who knows what the legs will have in them tomorrow!

an impending issue is the length of the days.
sunset and sunrise are moving towards each other much faster than at home.
the presence of bow hunters right on the road confirmed that this is no place to go on foot before or after daylight.

today my journey took me up the maehler river.
after climbing big hills of lava rock 
which the maehler cut thru. in gorges
i descended into wide, flat valleys.
judging from the rock cuts as i dropped down into the valleys
those formed where the rock consisted of thick layers of easily erodible volcanic ash.

each valley was a picturesque collection of green fields and farms.
as i went further up the valleys got progressively smaller.
previewing tomorrow on the ride to lodging in juntura, it looks like the valleys are done.
tomorrow the maehler cuts thru some serious lava rock mountains.

believe it or not i managed to talk to a few people today. and found out why they are irrigating harvested fields. 
they get the leftover seed to sprout,
then disc it under to prepare the field for planting in the spring.

peter took his leave this afternoon 
and jessica the angel took charge of this beat up old man.
no one may have believed a couple of old geezers could do it, but we kept the journey moving,
tech savvy or not.
it was an adventure, but we showed that we can still get the job done.

time to get ready for tomorrow.


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