september 6
day 120
29 miles 
total 3,130

remaining 175
6×26 + 1×19

made it to the turn in bend today!
hell highway is finally behind me.

along the way google maps lost a couple of miles.
the google measure only changed by 27, while i knocked off 29 mile markers in the real world.
i hate google maps.

with the end drawing closer,
and hardly an inch to spare on my deadline 
i am growing increasingly paranoid that something will happen to spoil all my hard work.
physically i am feeling fatigue on a scale i never imagined possible.
i am a walking collection of controlled injuries.
i obsess over one of my chronic problems becoming unmanageable 
or a new issue coming out of left field
(currently i am watching a painful red spot on one of my toes like a hawk, for fear it is an infection of some sort… or cellulitis)
i have a dread that some section of highway will prove unusable, and force some added mileage that pushes me over the time limit.

but nothing scares me more than google maps.
it is the only way i have to measure the remaining distance.
but it is totally unreliable.
thus the compulsion to push every day to my limits.

me and jess have been checking it repeatedly for a week.
sure enough, yesterday it was suddenly out of agreement with the mile markers by 2 miles.
today confirmed it.
the google measure is now 2 miles longer.
i have done everything i can do to build a cushion.
and i have put 7 miles in the bank.
but so many things could go wrong,
and that cushion could vanish in a second…

and google maps scares me most of all.


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