june 30
day 52
24 miles
total 1,356

june total 792 miles.

really disappointing to miss 800 miles for the month.
i think most people would consider 800 to be a decent monthly total,
but less than that and you really haven’t done anything.

i would have made it,
except i have been flipping my days and nights.
yesterday i stopped at 1700 instead of 1900
and started back at 0300
instead of 0500.
today i pulled the plug at 1500
looking for an 0100 start.
4 hours off course is a good 8 miles lost
even in this crushing heat.

maybe it is just as well.
most of y’all would probably scoff at 800 even as a marginally credible month.
(that wannabe probably just did 799)

the physical toll has been more than i expected.
my beard has stopped growing.
my fingernails that usually require a weekly cutting
have been cut once.
my toenails seem to have stopped growing as well.
my weight is about 30 pounds less than leaving newport.
but none of that is a problem.

my feet are bearing the brunt of the punishment.
i am rather proud to have not gotten s single blister.
foot care has been my number one priority.
but sometimes they feel like one big bruise.
and my little toes
i would like to amputate my little toes.
the left one started hurting after 300 miles.
shoe surgery gave it some relief
but it has been a struggle to keep it under control.
the right one made it 1300 miles
before it started hurting as well.

this morning i did surgery on the other shoe.

there is a lot more to tell
but i have to get to bed so i can be back on the road by 0100.


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