the high point of my route thru the berkshire

may 17
day 8
28 miles
total 208

i wish i had an extra day
just to tell the tale of crossing the berkshires on back roads.
even dirt roads.
the peace and solitude.

and all the other wonders.
the owls
the beaver
the granite quarry
the lakes
the stone walls
what an incredible
(and grueling)

i passed another test.
although bigger mountains are coming soon.
for the first time i feel like i was stronger than the day befo

from the moment we turned up blandford road
we entered a completely different massachusetts.
the berkshires are a little slice of heaven.
(no wonder every realtor sign has been torn down!)

and finally
god bless joe kowalski
without his help i would have been doomed!
what a great, unforgettable day we had.


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