july 9
day 61
27 miles
total 1,594

the night sky over iowa just keeps getting better
as the moon dwindles
and comes up later each night.

we got neck strain from gawking
and counting falling stars.
ed gave bridgett a constellation exam
(which i would have failed)
but i was the only one who knew the brachiosaurus and the coelacanth!

iowa had a sweet surprise waiting after the first 5 miles.
if we did not want to battle the big trucks on 20
iowa would bring them to our secret little road.
at the first major intersection we were greeted with a sign reading “us 20 detour”

we spent the rest of the night zigzagging across the road to avoid trucks.

and i amazed ed by sprinting across a couple of one lane bridges between trucks.
a third had no trucks coming
so i walked across…

not one to show off, you know.

we turned the tables by cutting over to the under construction 20 at the first opportunity
and enjoyed traffic free pavement for several miles.

even after rejoining traffic
there was a SHOULDER!

the result was a less than impressive 27 miles.
but i am hoping for better tomorrow
if i can get some sleep.



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