may 15
day 6
29 miles
154 total

jerry palmer was with me all day
that was great.

the first half was difficult.
no shoulder
and heavy traffic
even at 0300.

everyone was hopping off the parallel toll road to avoid the toll.
our conclusion;
people who exit to avoid tolls are jerks.
this is the least room anyone has given me the whole way.

we could not see anything,
because we were kept constantly vigilant
to keep from getting run down.

at Sturbridge we passed under the toll road,
and the traffic dropped way off,
and there was only the occasional jerk like normal.

that was great.
we saw lots of beautiful swamps
and I thought how things had changed since boston.
at first there were only signs marking the change of towns.

eventually there were small patches of woods between towns.
now we were hitting small patches of town between woods.
it was very pleasant…

Erica siminster brought us a milk shake as a total surprise,
right before it got terribly hot.
after all the training in cold rain,
I was ill prepared for the heat
and we had to take several breaks to keep from getting heat issues.
I could probably have pushed thru it,
but I did not need to set myself up for developing any extra sensitivity!

later we got the cold rain.
lots of it.
severe thunderstorm and tornado warnings.
frequent flashes of lightning.
we saw and heard some big groundstrikes nearby,
but after our morning with the trucks
anything that missed us by more than 6 inches was barely worth mentioning.

the simisters put me up for the night on a beautiful farm out in the country.
there is a lot of Massachusetts that would be easy to love.


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