vol stare toad race

day 3 part 2


so the gap between first and second tightened overnight.

both johan and john climbed out of the basin.

john is now in manchester at 250 miles,

and johan is 7 miles back at whispering oaks.

they will start the day racing across the highland rim plateau

(one of the hottest and most exposed stretches in the race)

to the long climb up monteagle mountain.


we can expect the storms to hit them somewhere crossing the cumberland plateau!

so they have some adventures in store today.


steve is still in third,

way back in shelbyville.

he must be the loneliest runner on the course

as 4th place peter hasnt even reached wheel!

paul is still next just at 200 miles in lewisburg

with ariela still leading the women and now only 1 mile behind paul.

abby has closed half her deficit over the last 12 hours

to only trail by 4 miles

kimberly crept back into contention overnight,

at 186 miles only 9 behind abby.

the womens race is heading into that 35 mile lewisburg to farmington to wheel to shelbyville to wartrace stretch

where the runners start positioning themselves for the final drive to the rock.

with the race this close strategy is going to be crucial.

timing of sleep breaks could well decide the race….


for both men and women!

we will know a lot more in 12 hours.

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