aug 1
day 84
25 miles
total 2,185

up until wyoming i had a plan for how to handle every state.
those plans have been executed with varying success, ranging from the catastrophe that was iowa to the
perfect execution across upstate new york.
for wyoming my only plan was;
if i get there i will get across somehow.
i knew wyoming would be hard
and it has not let me down.
i have walked on open range and interstate in the same day.
the elevation makes everything harder
and the sun has taken on a nasty attitude
beating down with extra power in the thin air…

and i haven’t even gotten to the hard parts!

today i had to take a 20 minuets break at 22 miles, costing me making my daily minimum.

i was feeling really bad.
bad about the day
bad about my chances of making it across the mountains
bad about the traffic and the roads
bad about the endless 24 hours a day of always pushing
and never seeming to catch up.

physically and mentally i just felt like i was on the edge of collapse.

then we came to the prairie dog town.

watching the little critters scurrying around
listening to their shrill squeaks and whistles
it was like a fog lifted off my head.
how could i not be cheerful?
how could i not be happy?
i did not think i would get to see prairie dogs.
and there they were.
i walked thru the prairie dog town for more than a mile.
and emerged with renewed hope.

i know wyoming is the crucible
my lazcon bench of despair.
and i know there are many challenges ahead.
but today i survived.
and tomorrow i must only survive again…

if only i can drag these tired old bones to idaho.
i think i have a chance.



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