june 29
day 51
22 miles
total 1,332

illinois tried to drown me.
iowa seems intent on baking me.
don’t know what it topped out at
but it was over 90 before noon.

native iowans introduced me to the concept of corn sweat.
if you don’t intuitively know what corn sweat is,
go walk in the blazing sun between endless fields of corn some hot summer afternoon.

i am going to bed early today
so i can get out before sunrise
and walk i the cooler temperatures underneath a full moon tomorrow.

the most amazing thing about iowa so far:
the wildflowers.
there are so many
and they are so beautiful.
mostly relegated to roadsides and fallows now
it is easy to imagine when this land was all rolling prairie
and they stretched out as far as the eye could see.

it had to be an incredible sight.

that, and darrell… the milkshake king.


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