august 26
day 109
27 miles 
total 2,878

i think my detour around boise has been a success.
there is still a little uncertainty about tomorrow morning,
as me and peter have to figure out the rest of the route back to 20 on our own…

no telling where we would have ended up without the help of lynette and theresa.
these youngsters are just super talented with their phones.
i am hoping for the best tomorrow.

i am fairly certain i have the remaining distance under 500 miles now.
but it is still amusing how many people tell me i have “got this”
you don’t “got” anything until it is actually done.
i see two lines converging.
the line of how much distance remains.
and the line of how much more my tired old body can take.

i hope they don’t converge before i reach the pacific.
but nothing is guaranteed.


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