august 25
day 108
27 miles 
total 2,851

yesterday was my last dirt road 
(i hope!)
today the last interstate 
(i hope)

i am about 8 miles south of boise 
circling around to hit caldwell idaho west of boise tomorrow 
and oregon the next day 
(if oregon is a real place)

i have entrusted my route around boise to julie.
i was verifying everything up till where i left the interstate today.
but things are so tight
and my mental focus stretched so thin it was time to put some trust in someone.
sometimes in life we have to rely on others to help us reach our goals.
this journey would be nowhere without the help of so many others.

now it becomes a race to the coast.
a race against dwindling time.
a race against my frailties as i try to find ways to manage each new issue.

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