august 16
day 99
27 miles 
total 2,611

“where are you going?”

a passing car had stopped and the driver got out to talk to me.

“newport oregon.”
“i started in newport rhode island!”

“i knew something was up.”
“i went on a 3 day fishing trip 
and i saw you in dubois.
on the way back i saw you climbing teton pass.
the next morning i saw you in victor…
and i told myself if i saw you again i was going to stop!”

after exchanging pleasantries 
and a handshake 
i continued on my way.

but the day was not over.

a few hours later a diesel truck stopped and the driver got out;
“are you going a long way?”
“newport oregon “
“that’s a long way…
where did you start?”
“newport rhode island “
“that’s a really long way!
i been seeing you for 3 days and i had to ask.”

we talked a few minutes about what a big and beautiful country this is
then parted with a handshake and a “god bless you “

the whole day was great.
some awesome views of the snake river 
more gigantic wheat wheat fields 
and monster potato fields.
and figuring out those sod buildings were for potato storage….
sod buildings still the best technology.
how cool is that?

daniel taught me loads of new things about potatoes, and vegetable packaging.
and i sang sarah my lazcon song
(she laughed and sang along and it made my day)
i meet such interesting people that i always hate to move on.

ended the day passing thru downtown idaho falls.
they have some interesting folk art,
including a rock band made out of mufflers.
i even saw a waterfall.
don’t know if it is the idaho falls 
but i took a picture anyway.

should be interesting heading out of town into morning traffic.
in idaho your lane is your lane.
and you don’t share an inch…

shoulder or no shoulder.


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