june 6
(a special day thanks to the brave men of overlord)
day 28
27 miles
total 725

the alternative route turned out to be old 20
filled with history and great scenery.
kathleen pierce was a walking encyclopedia with historical and geological information,
as well as lots of local colour.
shelby helped with keeping the car moving and just being a great road companion.

things went so well that i got back on schedule
and ended the day an hour early.

i celebrated with an hour break.
my first pure rest time in 28 days.
it was wonderful!

looking at the schedule ahead
it will be a while before i get such a luxury again.

but what an incredible trip this has been.
i went out to find the good old days
that i know are here today
and i have found them.

all manner of people
young and old
have taken time out of their lives
to help a cranky, demanding, old hillbilly chase a foolish dream.

i would not be here if it were not for them.
all the things i have seen, heard, felt, and learned have made my journey everything i hoped for.
the people have made it so much more.


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