vole stare toad race

8.5 day update


the race is entering the final stages.

only 26 runners are still on the course

62 have finished

26 have dropped along the way.

everyone remaining is planning their final assault on the rock.


the staff is nearing the end.

as much as the runners we are counting down hours

and trying to marshal our dwindling resources to make it to the end.the tail end of the pack will be climbing monteagle mountain over the next few hours,

and heading across the cumberland plateau.

some are on the home stretch

looking to break 9 days.


i am feeling so pleased to have finally gotten off the rock to take a shower

and put on clean clothes for the next to last night….


but now i must hurry to get some food for carl and beat the next finisher up sand mountain.

not much time for an update.

just a note…


today was the hottest day of the race so far

yesterday was the hottest before that.

yet the runners talk about the heat of day 2,

or day 3,

or day 1

as the worst…


the heat back when heat was not just an ordinary part of life.

proof, if any was needed,

that acclimation is everything!

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