vole stare toad race

6 day update.


the race has entered a new phase now.

the winners have been decided.

the sub 6 runners are all in.


but dont think for a minute that there is any less desperation

in the hearts of the runners still marching relentlessly towards the rock.

the battles may be more personal

but today we have the runners battling to finish in less than a week

inching their way towards no hope road

and sand mountain.

the beanfields beckon

the rock whispers in their ears.


a week…


was it only a week ago that these battered warriors boarded the buses?

it seems a lifetime ago.

it was a lifetime ago.

for these are not the same eager

fresh-faced hopefuls

that got on the bus with no luggage

except what they could throw away before boarding the ferry

or carry on their backs all the way home.


these warriors are now veterans,

with sunburnt faces

and aching feet.

eyes squinting into the morning sun

they have no illusions any more.

they know the truth about glory.

it is not pretty words

and pithy comments….


it is hard






many have seen their friends fall by the wayside.

hope giving way to despair.

consumed by the darkness that comes for them all.

they march on,

but it is different.


when you see the meat wagon scoop up comrades.

when you see them stop and sit down in capitulation.

it is no longer some anonymous fate

befalling strangers

who lack the strength you have.

it is a very real possibility.

a monster lying in wait

for your moment of weakness.

all have felt the darkness.

all have peered into the void.


the whispering call of the rock

can so quickly be drowned out

by the siren song of surrender.


this pain does not have to be.

sweet sleep is so easily available.

just take out your phone

and make that call….


and you can sleep with the armadillos.

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