44 runners in 81 miles.

and they are pretty much staggered one every two miles.

i dont remember the vol state ever ending like this.


44 runners to come in 60 hours.

and we have a challenge ahead.


the challenge of having already been up more than 24 hours with only cat naps 

and 60 hours to go.

but sleep deprivation is the least of our worries.


this is the time that the biggest challenge is too much love.

we try to tell people it isnt a spectator event at the rock.

families only.

friends and just people show up.


worse still a sign pointing to the parking lot that says “parking”

and a sign pointing to the cornfields that says “foot traffic only”

does no real good.

people are driving out on the narrow access roads thru the corn

where the runners are trying to reach the rock.

on into the narrow jeep track thru the woods.



we have the challenge of spotting all the runners coming in

and capturing their finish

(ever more difficult as the sleepless hours pile up)

we also have to be rude to people who really love the vol state

and the people running it.

the problem is,

a cornfield is not meant for traffic.

we have no seats for spectators.

if we can just keep a track open for the runners to finish

and not lose our access to the farm by bringing in too many people

the next 2.5 days will be a success!

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