108 hr update
(6 days to go)

Something special.

Ultrarunners are unique amongst humans.
They want to push themselves.
They train their bodies and minds to be able to endure.
They savor the accomplishment of finishing what they set out to do.

HOTS runners are unique amongst ultrarunners.
They want a challenge that is undefined.
They start by training their bodies and minds,
but go further to train their wits and will to be able to endure.
They aren’t satisfied unless they are attempting a challenge
that is greater than what they prepared for.

33 of the 54 starters of this year’s HOTS are on their way home.
The weather conditions, along with the course itself,
knocked them out before they could reach the finish.
They are disappointed.
Some of them are emotionally crushed.

And yet…
Almost all of them have reached out to thank us,
whether on the meatwagon ride, or once they were on their way home.

For the average person,
showing up and having the event ask them to do more than they expected,
would make them angry.
“This wasn’t what I signed up for!”
they might say.

But the HOTS runners are something special.
They are disappointed they didn’t have it this time.
But they are grateful for the opportunity,
to savor their absolute best effort.

The feeling is mutual.
They are grateful for the opportunity,
and we are grateful that these special people exist.
They teach and remind us that what is important is the striving.

The meatwagon ride was long today,
although not as long as yesterday or the day before….
The drops got to witness the pit stops where we checked in with the three big dogs at the front of the field.
Addison had caught (and then passed) Jim.
And John was plugging away,
easily the most ‘together’ of the three.
Which will win?
Will they all three finish?

Behind the big dogs,
the 4th-5th-6th and 7th runners are stretched way out, over 57 miles.
After that, the final 14 runners are all in a 27 mile section across Montgomery to Wetumpka.

The drops are (and should be!) proud of their efforts,
they are just like the runners still in it,
in the most important way…

They know how to seek something special.

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