watching anxiously for the updates to start coming in.

the entire course was hammered with heavy rains last night,

but the rain is passing over the last runners at the back as the 6th day begins.

jim must have stopped in trenton

because he only started up sand mountain a little over an hour ago.

curtis barton is now showing in second only 5 miles behind.


that would have meant a 46 mile night in the pouring rain?

either there is some mistake 

or that has been one of the most amazing 12 hour stretches of all time.


matt and jim have closed in and held off kim during the night.


billy odie and diana missed the cutoff.

billy is dropping

odie and diana have been given a 12 hour reprieve.

if they lose any more ground they will become the first runners timed out.


cant say much more right now.

we are heading for the rock to set up the finish!!!

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