Hello all,

Here are my observations/thoughts after hanging with laz for a few days

1. I couldn’t do it!
2. I drove 625 miles over 3days for the crew effort; he walked that far
3. The ultra community is great. When I was having conflicts with the final day, a quick post by my wife was answered almost immediately with people offering to help
4. laz is consistently moving at 2.3-2.5 mph. After I received a location text this morning, I was able to find him an hour later within a half mile of my calculated position (the old sailor in me likes the navigation)
5. I was whooped after driving to and from to the route, and shuttling cars back and forth…..refer to #1
6. The police were all great
7. Random people would stop and ask where we were walking….loved the expressions when laz said “Newport Oregon “
8. I met a lot of great members of our ultra community

Just some thoughts, not very organized, but I thought I’d share

Joe c

Glad for the opportunity

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