HOTS random update
if you want to renew your faith in humanity
do a journey run.
all we ever seem to hear these days
is how polarized the country is.
we hear about all the “crazies out there”
on top of that
the hots runners have spent the last 5 days
(and some will spend 5 more)
crossing that special part of the country called appalachia….
they are learning something about the people who live here.
random acts of kindness are like beacons of light,
the “heart” of the south has more than one meaning.
the heart of the south is warm,
and kind.
here we have arrived on this journey without warning.
no one knew we were coming.
but as that long thin line winds its way across the landscape
the people who live here see others in need.
they see a struggling runner baking in the sun,
and give them cold water.
they stop up the road
and return with something to drink or eat
making time in their day to help another human in need.
they find out what is happening.
and coolers of ice cold drinks appear beside the road.
the cold drinks ease the suffering of the body.
the kindness and generosity raise the spirit to the skies.
we know we are dirty.
those who take a moment to help another human in need
give us something more than a cold drink
or a bite to eat.
they bring us back faith in our fellow man.
when we say that running the HOTS will change you forever,
it is not just the discovery of how much more we can do than we ever thought possible.
how much physical punishment we can endure
and still go further.
we also discover something about our fellow man.
people are good.
they are kind and generous.
we come to realize how much we really depend on one another.
not just for our physical needs.
but to fill our hearts with hope.
to give us strength when we are suffering.
we call them road angels.
and truly they are.

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