just think.
one week from today we will be on those buses!
already you will know what compass direction it is to the start.
part of me hates that we wont get to exactly follow the course in reverse.
but there are just 3 or 4 sections that buses cant do.
(these are no problem on foot, trust me!)
you will get to go a long, long way on the course.
and the distance will still boggle them mind when you think how FAR AWAY your car is parked.
what a dam adventure it is going to be!
and no one should quit,
because you will wont be able to stand the thought of missing the things you dont get to see from the bus.
will you spend the day trying to guess where we will stop?
will you rush to open the map when it is released
and find all the parts that will be different than the bus ride?
i can tell you this much;
you will:
pass thru many small towns,
cross rivers,
find angels that show up when you need them most,
cry once or twice,
laugh a thousand times,
descend into the lowest lows
float on the highest highs….

and see things you will never forget.

i envy you this magnificent journey!

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