possible incoherence here.

it has been so long since i actually laid down and slept that i am not sure what day it was.


things are into the final 36 hours

and the last races are crystalizing.


dan chapman is the next runner on the road right now.

(there was enough of a gap between him and the previous finishers

that we actually got to come down off the rock and eat a real meal!)

in pursuit is tony hendrix.

the two have been going back and forth for several days.

we have more than a reasonable hope their finishes will be close together.


those two were 17 miles ahead of the next runner at the checkin.

if they get feisty and competitive,

they could extend that lead even a little more.

we seriously have a remote chance of seeing a gap in the range of 20 miles.

even 17 would mean we had time to come off the mountain and sleep.

and i am talking about laying down in a bed and sleeping!!!!

not these 5 minute sitting up naps that have been keeping me on my feet the last few days.


and it gets better.

the next 9 runners are only spread over 7 miles.

we could have them all come in within a 3 or 4 hour span after our sleep.

that would mean only spending 5 or 6 hours up there

(you have to go up way early in case someone has a sudden burst of energy and runs in at full running speed).


the biggest remaining question in the race lurks another 11 miles back.

the quarandillo are behind the reaper again.

only a mile, 

but they are behind.

odie and diana are 5 miles behind.

they made up some ground today,

but not much.


both pairs are still within reach of finishing.

both of them have also been struggling to hang on for days.

the pressure has been relentless,

they have been hanging by their fingertips

from a ledge above the yawning chasm of failure.


the question is how long can they hang on

before the fingertips give out?


at 36 hours to go they each hung on to earn the right to try and hang on for another 12 hours.

if they can survive the night

tomorrow morning will begin the final day.

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